FBA Prep Australia

FBA Prep Centre Australia

FBA Prep Centre Australia

The preparation of product labeling, inserted branding, drop-shipping, product bundling, product photography, and warehousing is an essential step in the FBA process. To prep your products for FBA in Australia multiple prep centers around the country will help you get your products ready for Amazon.

Amazon is different than eBay or other platforms that allow you to sell products. They have strict preparation and labeling requirements. There is a long list of suppliers of these types of services that we will not mention in this article. We are here to outline the kind of services that are offered. There are essential services can include receiving shipments, inspecting the product, labeling/ prep, repackaging and forwarding those products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

These companies can help ensure compliance of your products. They also can store and ship your products directly to the customer from their location. They will assist so that Amazon doesn’t fulfill your products. This can be very beneficial if your product is an oversized product.

If you have confidence in your manufacturer, there may not be a need to check for compliance, label, prep or repackage your product in an FBA prep center in whatever country you are selling. Maybe you just need someone to receive the shipment, pay the import taxes/ duties and ship to the Fulfillment center, so that all taxes and duties are paid upon arrival.

Product labeling FBA prep Australia

Fulfillment by Amazon can provide some of these services directly. Your products must be eligible to do this service. Amazon has the sole discretion to choose if they want to do this labeling for you. They will charge you $.20 per item. They might have you split your shipments in order to ensure the items are packed together.

Adding a brochure through FBA prep centers

 Printed items are ok to put into your package as long as it doesn’t direct customers to your personal website. Amazon wants its customers to stay with their website to ensure they can make money. They don’t want to cut out their commission structure. Amazon will not accept marketing material including pre-priced labels, non-amazon labels or price tags. Amazon does not want any material where it diverts customers away from the Amazon sales process. Certain grey areas allow you to bend the rules. It will let you get a hold of your brand and sales process, but it is hard to navigate. Ways to get around this are by adding marketing material into the physical product itself.

Drop Shipping FBA prep centers

 Fulfillment by Amazon does not allow you to drop ship products from abroad because their business model ensures fast delivery. Your risk and investment are lower if you take a drop-ship approach.  The FBA Amazon model has a broader customer base and profit margin. Competition is high on Amazon, you have no customer contact, and you don’t have freedom of customization.

Product Bundling FBA prep centers

Prep centers have services that will assist you in bundling your products. This can be a handy service. The Amazon prep centers will apply the required labels and make them ready to ship to the Amazon fulfillment centers for you. When and how to bundle your products are depending on a few factors. This is only useful and successful if the consumer is given the option to but the product separately.

Product photography FBA prep centers

Do you need professional photography and digital marketing? We believe a professional can help improve quality and ROI. The main list of photographs includes; main images, lifestyle image, and the infographic. You can go to your competitors listing to try and start your planning process and the photo shoot of your product.  You might also need a close friend or family member who exemplifies your target market at the photo shoot. The main image should be your focus, but if you allow professionals to handle this task, it is probably a good idea. Even if you are attempting to do everything else on your own.

FBA Warehousing and prep centers

Shipping to Australia warehouses
Shipping to Australia warehouses

Having a professional service that knows how to warehouse and prep your product for Amazon can be a vital asset. They can help importing products from overseas. They can help make sure every item adheres to the FBA standards. They can help your business scale and expand by staying lean and focused. They can also assist with some of the compliance issues you may face. Maybe Amazon has notified you about an issue that you need to fix. These types of services can help you. They can help with inbound receiving, inspection, adding FNSKU labels, re-boxing, temporary and long term storage, bundling, and fulfillment by the merchant (FBM).


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