Seller Performance on Amazon Seller Central

Seller Performance on Amazon Seller Central-

Seller Performance

The seller performance measurements, Sellers policy and Suspensions.

Seller trust is very important to Amazon. Performance targets are one of the ways that Amazon conducts its performance trust. You must not sell false or fraudulent products. Warnings may be issued dependent on circumstance.

Product quality and legitimacy

product quality

Seller performance on Amazon must comply with laws and you must be legally allowed to sell the product. Some of the products that you may try to sell will require additional requirements. Sometimes you must be an authorized dealer of reseller for that particular product.

If you’re an authorized dealer or reseller, you must have a written approval from the brand owner to sell the product. Be careful not to list a similar product to a branded product on the same ASIN.

You need to create a new ASIN for your listing if the product is similar to the branded product. This is because it’s not the name brand and Amazon doesn’t want to confuse the two different product types. You can create your own brand but be sure not to list your product on the name brand.

Staying on top of terms and conditions will help with compliance and account health over the long run of seller performance on Amazon.  The common reasons for the removal of selling privileges are do to poor performance on Amazon customer reviews and metrics. Specifically the order defect rate, cancellation rate, and late shipments. Also if you try to violate Amazon’s selling policies it will hurt your listing. Again, don’t try to list restricted products which will lead to the removal of your selling privileges.  There maybe the ability to reinstate you’re selling privileges when and if they have been removed.

Establish Reason for revoked privileges

The first step is to establish why you’re selling privileges on Amazon have been removed.  Why did Amazon decide to discontinue you’re selling privileges? Amazon should have sent you a notice to let you know that you’re selling privileges have been removed. There should also be a reason why they were taken from you. It could be due to seller performance or you might have violated a policy, terms and agreement with Amazon. In seller Central there should be an error area called seller performance notifications.  That area will it tell you If your privileges have been removed.

A step you should take next is reviewing you’re selling practices. You should start by reviewing your metrics to ensure that they are all compliant. You should identify any they don’t meet the Amazon seller performance targets. Ensure all your customers are satisfied with their product. Also check to see if any of your products that you have listed or in violation of Amazon’s terms and agreements. Based on these stats you should come up with your own plan of action.  It should be a succinct plan of all the sequences of events you are going to take in order to correct what you have identified that could be In violation of Amazon’s Policies.

Plan of Action for Appealing your revoked seller privileges

Amazon revoke your selling privileges

A well thought out and accurate plan will ensure that your account and selling privileges are activated again. After this complete send it to seller performance for reinstatement of your account. If you go back to the original notice that Amazon sent you about the problem, you can click on the appeal button. Enter that your plan of action in the form that is provided to you. You can send the completed appeal to seller performance. Within 48 hours Amazon should come back to you with a decision in the form of an email.

The problem with this is that your plan of action does not guarantee that you’re selling privileges can be reinstated through Amazon.  It is best to stay compliant throughout the sales process.  If you need help with seller central management please have a look at our brand management approach of Amazon.

Your plan of action should correctly identify any problems that you may have had, Including inventory management practices. Then come up with steps to resolve any issues that you have identified as non compliant.

There are different scenarios for each problem. You can find those on seller Central under Search results for a appealing the removal of selling privileges on Amazon. At the bottom it will give you some examples.

Violations with the seller performance

All rules and regulations that Amazon sets out are there to help sellers recognize policies and procedures by Amazon. Amazon seller performance should warn you if you have any violations against you. Any cancellation or suspension will be notified.

Amazon seller performance policies

seller performance

The quality of your listing can violate Amazon’s policies and procedures. Even if you’re leaving something out of your listing. For example, an image or description can violate the policy of listing. Maybe you are trying to list something that is restricted according to Amazon. No drugs or weapons are allowed to be sold on the platform. If your seller performance is not up to standards it can lead to violations as well. Some of those targets include the order defect rate, fulfillment rate, cancellation rate and late shipment rate. Selling counterfeit products can also affect your account health on Amazon.

So don’t illegally replicate a product and attempt to sell it on Amazon. You must ensure that the products that you are selling, you are authorized to sell it in the jurisdiction that it is being sold in. If it is copied or bootlegged you will become in violation of Amazon’s policies.

Search for Best Practices in Product Authenticity and Quality on Amazon Seller Central to identify Amazon’s Authenticity, Amazon Seller Performance and Quality Policy.

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