Amzscout pro review one of the best tools for amazon sellers

Amzscout pro review
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What is Amzscout pro extension and why sellers need it?

Amzscout Pro

Amzscout is a Chrome extension that can be easily installed through this link on Chrome store. Amz Scout team offered a free 14 days trial of the pro version so you can install and check how it works.

So what AMZSCOUT really is and how it can help Amazon sellers to perform better on Amazon?

All sellers needs to monitor their competitors activity and sales and inventory. For a professional seller to be able to monitor them daily, Amzscout pro offers the best solution to tackle the issue. The next place that this extension will come in handy is when you want to choose a new product to bring into the market, it will help to better understand the competition and market details.

How we can utilise Amzscout Pro

  1. For product research and finding new product opportunities
  2. For competition research and market analysis on Amazon
  3. For data mining with its magnificent data export feature

Chrome extension for FBA sellers

If you are a savvy seller you know that you need to have the best tools in your hand to be able to sell and compete on Amazon. Me as a professional seller with more than 8 years of experience on eCommerce and near 3 years of experience on Amazon admit that Amzscout pro is a must have tool for all anyone, here is why:

1- Product research phase

For all professional sellers there should be a professional tool to help them find a perfect product opportunity for selling on Amazon. In all online courses like Amazing selling machine, Ben Cummings fast tack and Manny Coat Illuminati mastermind they will tell you to study the search results of the main keywords directly on Amazon, it means that you need to have a tool that not only can perform a research fast but also needs to be reliable and the numbers projected on it should be trustworthy. We have been using Unicorn Smasher, Amzscout, Junglescout and many other Chrome extension for this reason, none was helpful more than Amzscout pro and Jungle scout pro.

2- Competition Research and Market Analysis

All in one Amazon search result Analysis

Filter out unrelated product

You can easily remove unrelated results in your accumulated data in order to make precise decision on the Niche market you are studying on.

Delete Unrelated Results

Perform metrics test on the result

To choose the right product for your Amazon business you need to make sure your product will meet the following conditions or at least most of them:

  • The product should not be seasonal, at least we prefer not to go after them (but it’s your choice) and you can find about it’s seasonality right inside the Amzscout pro extension
  • Number 10 of the search result should at least sell 10 units per day
  • There shouldn’t be duplicate brands on your main keyword search result (or it will make the job harder for you)
  • Product rating should be good for at least 200 reviews and it should be above 4.3 otherwise you will miss the point that the first reviews are somehow manipulated and the product you are going to bring into the market is somehow defective or problematic
  • There should be at least 3 products with BSR under 1500 and other 5 products with BSR under 3000 (we are going after a very competitive Niche)
  • Eliminate unwanted results using the cross icon on the left of each product title on Amzscout pro results
  • Check for the best sellers badge if there is not any or there is only 1, it is a good sign for you.
  • Check for the average price and calculate your product margin with it (Remember to remove unrelated results and remain only those top 10 that are selling well)
  • Check for the availability date, if there are some products there that became available recently and they are winning the game, it is a good sign for us

3- Competitors Data Export

Competitors Data Export


Export to Excel to perform thorough Analysis and Whole results Analysis on Microsoft Excel

Excel Analysis

4- All in one Features

Amzscout Pro Features

Compare to Jungle Scout Pro extension

  • Jungle Scout Pro data accumulate much slower than Amzscout, this is a pain for those who are working under limited time
  • It took time to load products main image
  • It can only load next page search result (Amzscout has upto 20 page by one simple click!) which is very time consuming for those who want to extract too much data of Amazon search results
  • It has only 12 column of data, just compare it to Amzscout Pro extension
  • Saving products by clicking + icon on the left is a pain, it can only save them on the web app that you need to register separately and cannot quickly save them and watch them all or export them separately

Amzscout pro is the tool to uncover the diamond in the rough

Clever things you can do with AMZscout pro - 2018 2019

Be smart in competitors storefront

Go there, open Amzscout pro, load all pages of a seller products and sort them by “Available from” date, look for those products that have the best chance of winning. 

The things is, famous brands put thousands of dollars in a product study phase, they know what they are doing and bringing to the market. Look at the numbers below for one the biggest brands on Amazon US.

VAVA Instant Win

You can see they just brought this Air purifier model to the market and its an instant win.

This means two things, either the Niche is perfect or the product is, here is both.

Check a niche category in total

Combine the power of Merchantwords with Amzscout extension, search for Main keywords that you found from categories and sub-categories and scroll down to find lower volume keywords (could be a Niche Keyword), 

Shower Filter Main Keyword

KDF Shower filter Niche Keyword

Baby Shower filter Niche Keyword

Hover over that keyword  magnifying glass and click on search on Amazon.

Extract all product data using Amzscout pro and Analyse the Niche market.



At FBAMAP we only want to deliver the best choices out there to the sellers, we are not motivated by any team or individual to provide a biased opinion, we will just deliver our best experience so you will be able to choose the best tools out there.

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