What is Product Sourcing

Sourcing products from China is a great opportunity for online or physical retail businesses to find attractive goods for their customers. We are here with years of experience to help you find the right supplier with your desired quality and price to meet your targeted margin.

We help sellers source with initial margin of %30 to %40 (pros know these numbers)

Our Services over Sourcing
Product Sourcing, Manufacturing consulting
Custom packaging, private label
Product sample customization
Graphic design for packagings, labels
Import & export, compliance consulting
Arrange low cost shipping to door
Product quality inspection
Production follow up
Price negotiation with suppliers
Free warehouse in China (1-2 months)
The Process of Sourcing Products
1. Research the Market

Your first step to making money by selling Chinese products online is research.

2. Contact Your Chinese Manufacturers

Alibaba.com,a huge website that connects you with thousands of qualified manufacturers in China

3. Negotiate

The Isaac SDK robotics developer toolbox designed change that. It moves general availability in April.

Product sourcing
4. Order Samples

When you have received the quotes from the final manufacturers who you narrowed it down to

5. Create Product Posting

After finding a Suitable Supplier, you have to ship your Products to FBA

6. Analyze Sales on Amazon

Okay, so you’ve invested in your first product. You’ve posted it. Now the only thing that matters is the sales.

Good Sourcing is KEY to Success in Selling

Over a million new sellers join Amazon every year, but less than 10% of those sellers are able to achieve $100,000 in yearly sales. Only 1% of Amazon sellers achieve $1 million in sales.
So, what’s the difference between a failed and successful Amazon business? Most often it comes down to the products you sell.
The problem is that it’s hard to find profitable product ideas. You have to consider a lot of factors like sourcing methods, product margins, and forecasting customer demand.
While you don’t have to reach $1 million in sales to be successful, it’s important to choose products based on your own business goals and what works best for you. Keeping that in mind, use this guide to learn how to research and source profitable product ideas for Amazon.

Sourcing Success

Why Choose FBAMAP Instead of Others

High responsibility for quality assurance

We take product quality seriously for our clients. For free inspection, we check higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. In addition, we offer full inspection for reduce defect rate to 0. But other sourcing companies won’t.

Competitive Price for wide range of products

Helping clients get good product price is one of keypoints to make our clients competitive in market.

A lot of sourcing companies use low service fee to attract new clients, but quote expensive product price. But we are open and encourage our clients to do product price comparison, to ensure they are always getting competitive quote from us. 

Taking clients seriously, looking for long term relationship.

We know how hard and frustrating sourcing is, mostly when you have just started your Amazon business or once you want to scale your business on Amazon. We've been there and we are here to prevent it happening to you ever again.

Long term relationship is not just a word, we are here to make it happen  between us so we can maintain a long term relationship that we both win and benefit from.

Professional Chinese team with over 50 people

We believe in a teamwork. FBAMAP team has more than 10 years experience in sourcing but we are joint venturing with a company with over 50 employees, and all of them have years of China sourcing experiences for wide range of products. But most other sourcing companies are less than 10 people team, with real expertise in less categories.

Various services to help your business grow fast

For supporting large scaled or fast growing companies, we can offer many extra services like assigning up to 20 people team for support, credit payment after receive goods, and more.

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