What is Product Sourcing

Purchasing from China is a fantastic opportunity for online and brick-and-mortar retailers to find high-demand products to sell online. We are here with years of experience to assist you in locating a supplier whose pricing and quality meet your required margin.

We help sellers source with initial margin of %30 to %40 (pros know these numbers)

Our Services over Sourcing
Product Sourcing, Manufacturing consulting
Custom packaging, private label
Product sample customization
Graphic design for packagings, labels
Import & export, compliance consulting
Arrange low cost shipping to door
Product quality inspection
Production follow up
Price negotiation with suppliers
Free warehouse in China (1-2 months)
The Process of Sourcing Products
1. Research the Market

Research is the first step in making money online by selling Chinese products.

2. Contact Your Chinese Manufacturers

Alibaba.com is a massive website connecting you to thousands of certified Chinese manufacturers.

3. Negotiate

We are professionals who understand how to negotiate the greatest price for the highest quality.

Product sourcing
4. Order Samples

Samples are used to evaluate the manufacturer product quality and, if necessary, improve it.

5. Create Product Posting

After locating an Appropriate Supplier, you must ship your Products to amazon FBA.

6. Analyze Sales on Amazon

So, you've purchased your first product. You have uploaded it. Now, sales are the only thing that matters.

Good Sourcing is KEY to Success in Selling

Each year, over a million new sellers join Amazon, yet less than 10% of those merchants are able to reach $100,000 in annual sales. One percent of Amazon sellers sell for a million dollars.

So, what differentiates an unsuccessful Amazon business from a successful one? Typically, it all boils down to the things you sell.

It is difficult to come up with profitable product concepts. You must examine many elements, including sourcing strategies, product margins, and consumer demand projections.

It is vital to choose products depending on your business goals and what works best for you, even if you don’t need to achieve $1 million in sales to be successful. Keeping this in mind, this tutorial will teach you how to explore and locate profitable Amazon product ideas.

Sourcing Success

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