How will you be taught and Coached?

We can teach you through skype or zoom. If you are nearby, we can do it at your office or ours.

How will we set up your business on Amazon?

We will use Virtual Private Server (VPS) to control your seller central account safely.

Will we travel with you to China to source product?

We travel to China occasionally. We attend the Hong Kong fair, Canton fair,
international trade center and visit factories regularly. You are welcome to join

How fast can I get my business up and running?

We can set everything up within a month. If you need to source the
product for production, It will take another month dependent on your Minimum
Order Quantities (MOQ’s). You will also have to account for 10 to 30 days for
shipping into warehouses depending the type of shipment you

What quantities should I order on my first order?

It depends on the product and price point.

Will all products be Successful?

20% of your products will generate 80% of your income, but this doesn’t mean
you will lose money on products. We will help choose low risk products and
minimize risk.

If I do not know anything about ecommerce should I enter into this industry?

Yes and No. It really depends on you. It is is NOT EASY. The
business potential is huge if you take it seriously. It depends on your
willingness to learn.

Is it refundable?

You can get a refund on any payment within first 14 days

What Chance Of Success Do I Have on Amazon?

That depends on the time and energy you put into your product, Brand and marketing your products. We will help guide you through the amazon process but it will be up to you to source and sell your product.

How is Amazon different from selling on eBay?

Amazon handles 49% of ecommerce in the United States. They are much more powerful than eBay. In addition they have Fulfillment centers that handle the packing, shipping and logistics of the product. So all you have to do is source your product and market your product. It allows you to stay lean and focused.

Do we have quality control experts in China?

We recommend a few different quality control companies that can help inspecting the product and the suppliers. There are processes that you should follow in order to ensure that your product is sourced, manufactured, shipped and delivered appropriately.

How do you know what product to choose?

We have internal Intellectual Property (IP) that will guide your through the steps in deciding on a product. We will step you through the identification of a product based on analytics and a number of other factors. We will provide this excel spreadsheet in the course material.

What are the costs of starting a business on Amazon?

It will depend on the category on how many units we need to order on the first order. Please see our sourcing page for more information on startup costs. There will be additional resources needed like marketing costs and storage costs.

Is it risky to buy products from China

It can be risky but we can help minimize that risk through processes, payment options like Paypal and other resources to ensure your risk is minimized.

Should I Invent A Product To Sell On Amazon?

We do not recommend you doing this with your first product. The price can increase dramatically along with your risk of success. We have other recommendations when starting to sell products initially on Amazon because of how competitive it can be.

Can I get your business to assess my idea?

We can assess your product before you make your order. Please reach out for us on our contact page.

What about Chinese competitors on Amazon?

There is a way to patent certain products in China. If you are unable to do that you can still differentiate your product and stay ahead of the competition.

If I have ore than one Product, Should I Stay In One Category?

We believe that you should stay in the same category because you can use the same marketing outlets as your other products. For example; website, social media, brand name…

Where are our students based?

We teach people all over the world including United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Iran….




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