Mindful Product selection is the starting point for being a successful Amazon seller. Most beginners pass this incredibly vital stage of their business without enough research and effort. In recent years, selling on Amazon has grown more difficult and competitive, therefore finding a product that sells in this hot market is gonna be hard and time consuming. In fact, your product determines whether you succeed or fail in your business. Selecting the wrong product is the direct pass to failure as it won’t survive the competition or won’t have enough demand in the first place. Meanwhile, the proper product gives you the opportunity to make profit and sustain in this ever growing market.


product analytic

Market Analysis

More than 30 factors will be considered to select a perfect product

box exchange money

Budget Analysis

We will create a cash flow sheet to provide you with the best possible investment

target consumer

Competitor Reverse

We will reverse engineer your top competitors and create a monitor sheet for them

optimizing product

Design & Manufacture

Next step is design the 3D model and possible required prototype and then manufacturing


Idea Generation

Based on your budget and your time, we will provide competitive product ideas

delivery product

Future Products

Next step to scale your business is to plan for future products, we are here to help

FBAMAP Product Selection Service

Why FBAMAP Product Selection Services

Maximise Success Rate

It's not about finding a diamond in the rough, simple ideas that differentiate your product even in a very competitive niche will guarantee your success on Amazon.

Minimise Failure Risk

You won't believe how easy it is to fail on Amazon, simple sourcing mistakes, quality control failure, untested product ideas can easily cause a disaster. We are here to prevent them.

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