Successful Amazon selling begins with the selection of products with care. The majority of new business owners breeze through this crucial phase without much research and effort. In recent years, selling on Amazon has become increasingly challenging and competitive, so locating a product that sells in this hot market will be difficult and time-consuming. In fact, your product determines whether your firm succeeds or fails. Selecting the incorrect product is a surefire way to fail, as it won’t survive competition or won’t have sufficient demand to begin with. Meanwhile, the right product affords you the ability to earn a profit and thrive in this constantly expanding industry.

product analytic

Market Analysis

More than thirty aspects will be reviewed while selecting the excellent product.

box exchange money

Budget Analysis

We will generate a cash flow statement to help you make the best investment possible.

target consumer

Competitor Reverse

We will reverse-engineer your biggest competitors and generate a monitoring sheet for them.

optimizing product

Design & Production

Next, the 3D model and probable prototype are designed, followed by production.


Idea Generation

We will propose competitive product ideas based on your budget and time frame.

delivery product

Future Products

Next step in expanding your business is to plan for future products, and we are here to assist you.

FBAMAP Product Selection Service

Why FBAMAP Product Selection Services

Maximise Success Rate

Simple concepts that distinguish your goods, even in a highly competitive niche, will ensure your success on Amazon.

Minimise Failure Risk

Unbelievable how simple it is to fail on Amazon. Simple sourcing errors, quality control failures, and untested product concepts can quickly bring a disaster. We're here to prevent it.

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