We have succeeded with e-commerce platforms and setting up Amazon businesses for the last 10 years. The last 4 years we have successfully launched various products and amazon business set up situations with many brands. We are always learning and adapting to the platform.

Using the product selection process that we have intellectual property on we previously identified multiple products that gained massive traction on Amazon. At the start of our founders journey, Shervin Khanzadi, there were zero products on the Amazon platform representing shower filters. Now there are over 200 products just on amazon.com in the United States. The sales from this first product reached 150 units per day in sales and $80,000 in sales a month. We are currently coaching clients that are generating revenue in the sum of $40,000 a month.

We have been through all the obstacles and difficulties in the Amazon journey. Our company is now ready to share the knowledge and experience with your business for it’s success.

Joshua Savage

Joshua Savage

“General Manager”

Joshua Savage is a certified as a management consultant/project manager overseeing a wide range of responsibilities. Over the past 10 years, Joshua has completed his International MBA with a focus on project management, he has owned and operated his own business and headed up management consulting projects focusing on process improvement. He has worked with large government organizations as a project manager at the Gold Coast City Council and community sporting leagues such as the Gold Coast & District Rugby Union (GCDRU).

The last 5 years he focused his efforts on a start-up organizations in Seattle Washington. He quickly recognized an opportunity as Amazon announced its launch in to the Australian market. Joshua began to source his own products from China but quickly recognized a gap in the market to help brands enter e-commerce sites on large platforms such as Walmart and Amazon. He has extensive experience with inventory management technology, ERP and Point of Sale Software (POS) as well as Big Data Analytics.

Shervin Khanzadi


Shervin Khanzadi is an Industrial Engineer/e-commerce expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He has worked in multiple factories in the filed of quality control and visited various production lines.

Soon after entering e-commerce he felt the demanding opportunities awaited for him. He mastered all techniques and strategies for an online business to harness the power of Amazon to its most. Now he has launched more than 4 brands on Amazon.com and is growing even more.

Ahmad Dorraji

“US Partner”

Ahmad Dorraji made the move to the United States in 2015 and started a career that required high level knowledge with it being a hi-tech telecommunication company. The extensive experience and management skills gained from this career lead Ahmad to selling on Amazon.com in 2016. He instantly became a mastermind at the Amazon game as well as nailed the analytics that limit many Amazon sellers. Ahmad has been able to reach over $100,000 a year in sales and continues to grow every day. The different avenues Ahmad has accomplished through the last few years has lead him to becoming an Amazon expert.