Website Design For Amazon Businesses

We will setup your business or eCommerce website for your brand and make sure that it is well optimised and secure.

We will design your Amazon business website with wordpress and will use woocommerce for your store front.

Although you can use Shopify, Prestashop and Magento but we strongly suggest that you start with wordpress to save money and time.


✅ Latest plugins setup

✅ Highest rated plugins

✅ Security measures

✅ VIP & Guarantee club pages

✅ Complete on-page SEO

✅ Amazon FBT Strategy

✅ Online Customer Support

✅ Giveaway landing page design

✅ Customer care forms & pages

✅ Sliders & Paralex effects

✅ Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

✅ Off-page SEO recommendations

✅ Facebook ChatBox integration

✅ Email Marketing & List Building Plugins

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website design for amazon

Why choose our website design service

If you are an Amazon seller you should know that it is always risky to rely your business on Amazon alone. It is wise that you should slowly migrate your business into your own ecommerce platform.

For you to register your brand on Amazon you should have a trademark for your brand name and you need a website for your brand name, e.g. We are professional Amazon sellers and mentors, currently helping hundreds to launch their business on Amazon. 

What distinguish us from other designers

  • We will design a website with all the forms best website design service for brandsand pages you may need for your online brand
  • We will help you to setup all the requirements for your website (Google API Map, Google Captcha for anti-spamming, Security plugins to prevent your competitors to target you, Define unique font related to your niche, Google Analytics to track your visitors, Hotjar to know more about your visitors, Facebook Pixels on your pages to retarget your visitors, Email marketing plugins to automate your email campaigns, List building funnels to grab leads, Popups, Infobars and other modals to grab more leads, SEO Yoast to monitor your on-page SEO)
  • We will help you to start a blogging section to drive traffic to your website
  • We will be able to write premium quality blog posts if you want for an extra cost.

Amazon web Design Elements

We will use the most powerful form building plugin for wordpress, Gravityform. It will allow us the ability to create any type of form we need for our campaigns and our pages.

  • Activate guarantee form

  • We will setup a page for your customers to activate their guarantee. It will help you to get more leads and be able to contact your customers in the future.

    Activate Guarantee Form

  • Join VIP club form

  • Simple contact us form

  • Contact us form

  • We will setup a professional contact page for your business.

    Contact us page


  • Advanced review system 

We will use a plugin to make your product page similar to Amazon listing. Customers can place review, can vote up reviews and can reply to others reviews. They can als search in reviews and sort them by date and popularity.

Advance review system

  • Advanced Question & Answer system (GDPR compliance) 

advance question answer system

  • Upsell & recently viewed module

Recently viewed products plugin

  • Points & Reward system

Point & rewards

  • Countdown Timer system


  • Subscription payment offers


  • Product Testimonials


List of tracking codes 
  • Hotjar to record visitors behaviour to setup the best UI for your website
  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Facebook Pixel on landing pages for visitors retargeting
  • Custom scripts on Footer & Header
  • Schema Snippets
  • Frequently bought together landing page (funnel)

FBT or Frequently bought together is a plugin we will use in our store to boost our Amazon product ranking by winning FBT sections on our competitors ASINs.

Frequently Bought Together

  • Flash sale deal landing page


  • Advance commenting plugin

  • Similar blogs plugin

  • Google Snippet plugin

  • Most famous wordpress theme (Flatsome)

  • Well on-page optimized SEO

  • Easy checkout steps

  • Abandoned cart recovery plugin

  • Email sequence to customers plugin

  • Emailster plugin for managing email marketing and newsletters

  • Convertplug plugin to grab leads

  • Mailchimp integration and setup