Seller University, Buy Box and Product details Page

Seller University, Buy Box and Product details Page-

Seller University

seller university


Seller University will help you start selling your product on Amazon and Seller Central. You are going to need to read as much as you can and watch informative videos. It will help with Branding, Enhanced Brand Content, FBA and tutorials.

The ease of use and structure is very helpful to sell your products.  As a seller, you are going to be using it as a great resource to help you with this process. You usually can fix your problem on your own through Seller University. You can use it for advertising. It is a good place to refer to about things like the details page and the buy box. In the detail page overview you will learn how items are presented on Amazon and how that relates to your listing.

Amazon Buy Box


The Amazon platform enables multiple sellers to sell on a single detail page.

There are 3 options for customer to find the product they would like to buy.
  • The Buy Box
  • The new and used link
  • Other sellers on Amazon box

The Buy Box

You can access the buy box in either a new condition or one offer at a time. So, how does a seller access the buy box to increase their sales volume?

The buy box, for a specific product, can be very competitive. In order to be eligible, you need to have a  professional seller central account. You will also have to meet performance based requirements. These performance requirements are dependent on;

  • Order Defect Rate,
  • Customer shopping experience,
    • Shipping options
    • Speed of delivery
    • Price and 24/7 customer experience
    • Time and experience
    • Other metrics

The buy box eligibility varies by category. Once you are a seller, your products compete against the rest.

If you would like to check which of your products are eligible for the Buy Box. Go to the manage Inventory page and preferences. Check the buy box next to buy box eligible. Save the changes. The word yes will appeared in the buy box eligible column.

Once a customer searches and finds your product. What makes the customer click through and convert on your listing? Let us start with the listing.

Quality Product Listing

There are 5 areas that are going to help you convert and click through to a high quality product listing.


  • The title should be descriptive and engaging
    • It should include the product brand and description of the product
    • The product line
    • The material and key ingredient
    • Color
    • Size
    • Quantity


The Product Image is the next stage of a great product listing. The product image or main image is very important to your product listing. The quality matters because the customer buys products based on images.

Amazon instructs us to use images that are

  • Clear
  • Information rich
  • Easy to Understand
  • Enticing

The main image needs to have a clear background and show the actual product. It is not to have a graphic or illustration. You must also ensure that the pictures are 1000 pixels in height or width.  If you meet this minimum requirement it will enable to zoom function. This feature can help with click through and conversion rates.

Bullet Points

Clear and concise bullet points are essential as well.

Facts and features are included in the bullet points. Customers will base their purchase on well outlined descriptions in these bullet points. The 5 bullet points should outline the 5 features you want to outline to the consumer. Some areas that you may want to touch on within your bullet points include;

  • Dimensions
  • Age rating
  • Ideal conditions for the product
  • Skill level
  • Contents
  • Country of origin
  • Any other pertinent information.

Each individual bullet point should

  • Begin with a capital letter
  • Be formatted as a fragment sentence
    • Don’t use end punctuation
  • Reiterate important information from the title and description where it is applicable

Bullet points should not promote promotions or pricing information. The next important point is an imaginative product description.


The description area of the product page allows you to go into further detail on your bullet points and product features.

It is a good place to get into the feel, usage and benefits. It allows you to give information in a narrative format.


The last feature that should be focused on is the product price. A good place to start to determine your price point is your competition. You will also need to factor in your shipping and marketing costs. One thing that is over looked is a review building strategy cost.

Detail Pages and the Buy Box


Product details Page

Editing Shared Detail Pages

How do you go about changing the detail page you share with other sellers? Maybe other sellers want to try and make changes to your detail page?

Detail Page control

Any seller can suggest edits to a detail page. The detail page system is automated and determines which edits are shown. This system takes into account the performance of the seller suggesting the edits including;

  • Seller sales volume
  • Refund rate
  • Buyer feedback
  • A-Z guarantee claims
There are 3 ways to suggest changes to a details page.
  1. Create or edit an offer on an existing detail page

To edit an existing offer in Seller Central, select ‘manage inventory’ from the inventory drop down menu, then click the edit button next to listing you would like to change.

On the vital info tab you can update the title. You can also change the bullet points and description.When you first upload, add or edit your product listings through a file, the system will consider your suggestions.

  1. Edit the product images

If you would like to suggest and edit. Go to manage inventory from the inventory drop down menu. Click the arrows next to the edit button and select manage images. Here you can suggest the image edits.

  1. The last place is through the Amazon Website.

Locate your product. Go to the product details area. Click update product details.

The Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon platform allows multiple sellers on a single product page. On every detail page the customer has 3 options to find the product they would like to buy.

  1. The Buy Box
  2. The other sellers on Amazon
  3. The new and used link

The Buy box allows one offer at a time in new condition.

Sellers compete for placement in the buy box. Before you can try and compete, you need to become a buy box eligible seller.To become eligible, you will need a professional selling account.  Some categories such as books don’t offer the benefits of buy box eligibility.

Winning the Buy BoxWinning the Buy Box

Here are few tips to win the buy box. Price well against the competition. Go to preferences on the manage inventory page.Check the buy box price and click save. The price of the product that is currently winning the buy box will appear.

You cant win the buy box if your item is out of stock. So you must ensure you have a consistent stream of stock to refill your orders. This can take planning especially if you have a season product.

The Selling Coach low inventory alters let you know when your inventory gets low. Another tip is to offer multiple shipping options on your product.  Free shipping is good if you have that capability.

Offering great customer service will lead to ratings, reviews and increased sales.

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