Amazon Inserts and review building 2020

Amazon Reviews and Inserts 2020

Amazon Inserts and review building


Marketing inserts into your products packaging should be utilized when launching your product and throughout the product review building process. It will cost you money but can be more effective in the long run than trying to give products away.

So what are packaging inserts.

An insert can come in a number of forms including video, audio and text… They usually carry marketing message and help to direct the customer. Amazon does not provide the seller with the contact information of buyers (the customers). They want to ensure they are kept as their own customers. Providing an insert can help you to make them your customer through unselling, encouraging feedback and turning those customers into your customers. The problem is Amazon has limits on the material you can place on these inserts.

It is a lot easier for Fulfillment by Merchant sellers to include inserts over Fulfillment by Amazon Sellers. The only time Fulfillment by Amazon sellers can include an insert is if it is included during the manufacturing process. So you will need to have the manufacturer print the insert off for you to include or get a 3rd party printing company to send the insert to the manufacturer to include.

An insert in your product helps your business in a number of ways. It helps you get more reviews, it keeps the customer happy, it assists with leads and it helps with long term revenue.

Leads can be generated through email address in exchange for something of value to the customer. You will also be able to pixel this customer in the future. The long term revenue is generated by customers that come back to purchase other products or the same product. You will have the ability to cross sell and up-sell products.

The customers can also recommend your product to a friend. The ultimate goal would be to move customers toward your own store and website.

Charity Vote

Because customers use different platforms we want to try to use incentives to push them to the activity we want them to do. The main goal is to get them to visit the website in order to get their data and pixel them. That will allow us to include them in our customer audience.

You allow them to cast a a vote for a charity. Once they cast their charity vote you can offer them something they want. Our recommendation is to redirect them to a CYFR funnel.

Some benefits of this include tracking the performance of you ads on Pixel. Only a small portion of the leads can be tracked but you can still identify keywords and covert the audience. People like to be involved in causes. If you ask the customer which cause they would like to donate to (A or B) they will engage with your question. Rather than, “we will donate a certain amount of money to charity A.”

Our first piece of advice is to pick a short domain when you are setting this up.

All the information that is required on the website is the email address and the choice of the charity. You can store the email addresses and the charities on an excel sheet or any other programs like Google Sheet. You will be able to use this same process to run surveys online, collect email addresses or run giveaways. The benefit of this process is it is free. Other platforms like Zapier can get expensive.

Click funnels

 Click funnels are useful because they are easy to build and use. They can be customized and you can integrate them into a lot of online platforms. A good resource to learn amore about creating these funnels for free is on Youtube. We will not be teaching you how to create a click funnel in the blog post but stay tuned as we may have some in the near future. We will give you the concept though.

The idea is to ask the customer if they would like a free item. A good tactic is to include something that would add value to the customer based on the purchase they just made. For them to claim the free item they are directed to your website to get their data.


  • Get a free product B (Keychain- Bad example)
  • Leave a review of product A. The product they they just purchased.
  • Get 3 free bottles if you share on Facebook or Twitter

The only reason we are doing this is to get their email address and to gain reviews for your product. At the very least, we just get their email addresses we can solicit their reviews at a future time.


Video Insert for Amazon 

A video insert is an expensive option when it comes to insert models. But it is very effective. You can use if for a number of reasons including gathering email addresses, branding, story telling, promoting other products, increasing value and video instructional videos. A good tactic is to only include it in the first review building stage of development. The question you must ask yourselves is it worth the money to gain the initial reviews. For instance, your first 20, 30 or 50. We feel that this is only viable if you are using it to build your initial reviews or if you are going to use it in the long term you can use it if it is an expensive product.

Audio Insert

Audio inserts are much cheaper than video inserts and 20 times cheaper. We also believe they almost have the same impact on the customer. The customer will most likely listen to the whole message. The prices can vary based on the quality of the components.  Video and audio are both impressive. You will impact the customer. The good thing about the audio card is that you can easily use this for all your products. You will just need to upload different audio onto each audio card. So if you buy the audio cards in bulk on Alibaba you will be able to cross use the cards for other products.

The audio insert is great because it eliminates the situation of how to obtain reviews. It translates this into a cost structure problem rather than a strategy problem.  Spending the money on audio inserts can help you build and engaged customer base. It will assist with sales during Black Friday, Prime Day and lightening deals. It is also an asset as you you start to look toward your exit strategy.

The claim rate of an audio insert vs a non audio insert is more than double. We track the rate at which people claim the free product because we can’t track the review rate. It is very difficult to track the review rate because the reviews on Amazon can come from any source.

The question that you need to ask is how much am I willing to spend to make this product work and get it to the 100, 200, 300 reviews I need?

Amazon Insert costs 

We must factor in a few different things to cost this out. Obviously the insert cost and the rate that we are going to get reviews back from that. The next thing we need to think about is the giveaway cost of the free item.

Another way to go about building a review strategy is to just give the product away for reviews. But we need to factor in all the costs associated with it; the Landed cost per unity, referral fees, FBA fees, bank fees and insert fees.

Every time you give away a product to build reviews you are going to have to incur this cost. On top of that you also have the cost of the free item you are offering.

Understanding all the figures are important to your review building strategy because this should be understood before you pick a product to sell. You need to factor these costs into your budget before you pick a product. There is no rules to whether to pick a product that needs a certain amount of reviews. Rather it should be more about the cost associated with building those reviews to be competitive with your competition. Taking into account all the costs including the costs for shipping, photos, marketing and reviews is vital in your cost structure model.

Inserts are important because they help us increase the review rate. When you are launching a new product reviews are crucial. Gaining traction on reviews initially is going to help your product succeed dramatically.



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