Helium10 vs Viral Launch

Helium10 vs Viral Launch

Helium10 vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch ToolViral Launch Chrome extension is a plugin extension for Google Chrome. It allows sellers on amazon to estimate the sales of products while they browse the amazon platform. ‘

The Viral launch Chrome Extension is customizable. The settings can be adjusted in the default settings.

The question most have is how accurate are the figures of Viral Launch. The figures can sometimes be a bit higher than the actual products.

Amazon market trends

On the second tab there is the market trends. If you go to the top sellers for a specific product you will see the sales trends.

The next tab is the analysis and give you analysis on your product idea.

Here at FBA MAP we have a internal structured rating system that we use to assess a product idea to determine if the proposed product idea is great or not. If you are new to the Amazon business this feature can be a good tool to use.

The cost calculator is represented at the last tab. It will give you insight into FBA fees and profit per unit based on the Unit Cost.


Helium 10

Helium 10 Amazon Fba toolHelium 10 is a tool to help a seller identify a product to list on Amazon.It helps analyse competition, identify products and track the ranking of the keywords.Helium 10 represents 10 tools that can be used for selling on Amazon but has expanded out to include as many as 13.

On this post we will talk about the following Helium 10 features including Cerebro, Magnet, and Frankenstein. Cerebro is the main tool that allows sellers to identify products.You can put in the ASIN of an existing product and Cerebro will aggregate all the various keywords for that particular product.

The best products to analyse are the ones with a lot of reviews. Cerebro allows for 10 searches per day. The result can be thousands of keywords for that product.

Cerbro puts out an IQ score

The score represents how good an opportunity there is for that keyword. If it is a higher number it is better than a lower score.  Keywords with branded names in them are not relevant to the seller because the buyer is already searching for a specific product.Part of Cerebro’s IQ score is how many searches there are for that keyword combined with the number of products are represented. After we identify the IQ score we look to search volume.It is not public knowledge from Amazon on the search volume so we are unsure how Helium 10 comes up with these numbers.

We generally look for products with high search volume. Then we start to look for variations of the product that has a search volume that is well positioned.The first column to analyse is competing products. It represents how many results are represented for that keyword.

Generally you want to look for products with low competition.

CPR giveaways is the last item we look at on this platform. CPR represents Cerebro Product Rank. This formula represents the sales volume you need over an 8 day period in order to rank for that keyword.The CPR gives me a good idea of the cost to sell a specific number of units at 80% off in order to rank on the first page. This will give me an idea of how much I need to give away.

With 10 searches a day on the platform you should use all 10. Go through various keywords to get accustomed to the platform. Helium 10 will not help with sourcing, manufacturing costing, logistics or other practical sales process.

FBA MAP can help with  all of these items listed. We can even help with identifying a good product to source and manufacture.

Helium 10 can really start to help again after you source your product and start to market it.

We will start with forming a Keyword List

Keywords are essential because if they are not in a listing you will not rank on Amazon.

The longer the phrase of the keyword generally results in less results because the listings don’t have all the keywords you searched for. The point is that your listing should represent all the keywords that you want your product to rank for.

We turn back to Cerebro to form these keywords. We can put 3-5 products into the platform and it will give us a list of all possible keywords. You would think that the top products are optimized for different keywords but they all are optimized for their own specific keywords.

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Magnet is another tool on the platform

It allows you to enter a main keyword and select from a list of related search terms.It then starts to aggregate a list of keyword variations and ideas.After the suggested search keywords you can dive deeper to get a search volume and relevancy score.

Keyword review

This is an important step because adding or subtracting keywords can play a difference in your listing succeeding or failing. You need to export all the suggestions from Cerebro and Magnet. Mark every product that is relevant first. Then less relevant next. You can mark these as 1 and 2 respectively.

We would ensure that all the ones are definitely in the listing and the 2 score we will try and fit into the listing.

Frankenstein will allow you to clean up your listing

Take all the exported list of keywords and plug them in and hit the button.

It should narrow down all the overlapping keywords.

On the next blog posts we will talk about the following subjects


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