Conduct Niche Category Analysis:

We will then analyze 40 different criteria with our Intellectual Property (IP) to find out the potential of that category and entrance capability. 

The 40 criteria will assess the following:

  • Competitors
  • Demand
  • Sales Potential
  • Differentiation and edge
  • Marketing potential
  • Product longevity and future business value


Based on our metrics and scores given to those metrics, we will proceed with sourcing and obtaining samples.

Obtaining Samples


We will order the top 2-3 models on and 2-3 samples from China manufacturers. Then we will compare them in order to come up with a product Idea and/or a bundle.

We will then finalize the last sample and tell our sourcing agent to ask manufacturer to make 3 samples for


Initial Order Placement


We will then place the initial order based on, Category, Competition, Our scope of work and Our vision. 

Depending on the product selling cost, the sourcing fees may differ.

We will go after products that sell between $25 to $45 on These products normally cost from $5 to $15 per unit. We want to order at least 1,000 of them depending on the category, competition, and Demand.

That makes the next stage of development between $5,000 and $15,000. + Logistical Costs. It will depend on the category on how many units we need to order on the first order.There will be additional resources needed like marketing costs and storage costs.



The process from product idea and finalizing samples and placing the initial order may take anything between 1 to 3 months.

Production time is normally within a month for 1,000 units. Most products will take 30-40 days to ship to the United States or Australia.


Sourcing Strategies


  1. Reverse Engineering the Market demand
  2. Using 1688 and Taobao website in Chinese
  3. Using BOL to find the suppliers
  4. Using our Chinese agents in Yiwu & Guangzhou
  5. Visiting Fairs and Exhibitions
  6. and more


Product Sourcing


We believe the hardest and most time consuming part of your Amazon business is to find a reliable supplier with a good quote for your product. We will help you find the best supplier for your product.

We can also help you acquire samples from your suppliers and from Amazon sellers to compare the quality.

We can also help with reliable inspection during production as well as post-production.