We will setup landing pages and latest lead generation techniques to boost your Amazon page impression and sales. This will include the use of white-hat & gray-hat strategies that Amazon best sellers are using. 

Our techniques are unique and developed by the FBAMAP team.  Our team uses confidentiality and screen all businesses prior to taking on their business. We ensure that we do not take on  products of brands that are in direct competition. 

There are various tools and techniques to help with your products ranking. The most important thing to understand the ranking is the A9 algorithm. The a9 algorithm uses metrics, analysis and performance to rank the products on its website. Everything on the Amazon website propagates results based on the algorithm. Amazon’s goal is to maximize conversions, profits and revenue per customer. 

The main factors that influence the Algorithm are the conversion rate, relevancy, customer satisfaction and retention. 

  • Conversion rates relate to everything int he product listing including the photos, photo quality, reviews, and price.
  • Relevancy relates to how relevant your product would associate with those keywords.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention relates to the order defect rate (ODR) and the feedback from the seller. 

Some of the other factors that influence Amazon’s rankings come indirectly and directly. Your text, stock availability and price play an important role in your ranking. Indirect factors include sales velocity and relative sales velocity. 

If you would like to learn more about this. Feel free to reach out to us for coaching or more insight into our brand management. 

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