Starting a product listing is a tough task if you don’t have previous knowledge or experience. Although it’s look simple, there are 3 major things to look when creating your product listing:

1) Photos: Photos in your advertisement are a key factor to improve the sales of your product. You need to have between 5 to 7 pictures in your ad. If you images are good it increases your chances for conversion because people will have a better visualization of your product. Your pictures need to have a clear background and should be compared with other common objects that can help give it size and depth perception.

2) Title: Your title should appeal to your target market. Your keywords in the title will help you articulate what the overview of the product and how it works.

3) Description: The description helps explain the details of your product. In the description you can use capital letters and bold to highlight the main parts of your text. Using bullet points is a good way to organise your ideas and make your text clear.

A lot of people struggle with their product listing. Sometimes you may need help Optimizing your listing. 

We will take care of your product listing to ensure it is the best among your competition. We will use the best tools for our keyword study and copywriting. After completion we will start split test to improve the CTR and conversion rate of your product.

Split testing can take up to 2 months to analyse, change and test everything again (images, titles, bulletpoints, …)

We are an Amazon seller ourselves and we know what to deliver to boost your sales. Give us a try and you will be surprised by our experience.


Premium tools we use






Adobe Photoshop + Canva


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Free tools we use

  Google trends

  Google keyword planner



  Text editors

  Review miners

  Microsoft office (excel, words)

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