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  • Quality control
  • Repackaging
  • Labeling
  • Fragile item preparation
  • Loose products
  • Sold as a set
  • Boxed units
  • Poly bagged units
  • Case-packed products
Receive orders

Receive the order

Label product

Label & Package

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ship and deliver

Ship & Deliver

Step 1: Entrance

This is a one-time payment to get started and it will include an hour consultation and getting to know you and your products and how we can best serve you. If you leave our service for more than 1 months and want to resume using our service, you have to pay this fee again.

Step 2: Pick up

Depends of the package weight, size and number of  units inside each page, you will get charged for the service. (refer to the below calculator)

Step 3: Prep

Your order needs FBA labels (UPC, FNSKU) as well as UPS label for the package you are shipping to Amazon. If you are sending to the customer directly, you will only need UPS label to print, we will do this for you (refer to the below calculator)

Step 4: Storage

For now, our storage compartments are only small bins(12″ x 7″ x 4.5″ or .22 ft3), medium bins (23″ x 15″ x 10″ or 2 ft3) and large bin (16″ x 14″ x 18″ or 2.3 ft3) (refer to the below calculator for fees)

Additional Fees

Special Projects

Our most common “other” fees are special projects. This includes tasks like counting inventory, repackaging products, quality control, bagging products, or any other generic task not a part of your plan.

Entrance Fee

$200 and then $100/month

Our operational cost won’t let us to get started working on a new account without a fee, we are here to help you grow and for that to happen we limited our clients to those who are most active and serious.

Packaging Materials
$.15 – $2.00

We stock over 50 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, clear poly bags, white poly mailers, and pallets. If we don’t have the right size packaging material for your products, we can order it for you.



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Amazon FBA Fulfilment Service


Carton UPS labelling fee


If you need us to print and stick labels


Per cubic meter


If your product needs extra packaging


Per support hour

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