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Optimizing Your listing on Amazon in 2020. Conversion Rates and AB Testing

Amazon Listing Optimization

Optimizing Your listing on Amazon in 2020 Keyword research, Conversion rate, click through rate, content optimization, Split testing and AB testing The competition on Amazon is increasing. Barriers to entry has never been easier for anyone to sell a product. You can easily source and sell product through platforms like Alibaba and Amazon. Plus the […]

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) vs Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon FBA vs FBM

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) You need to have a physical product to sell on Amazon. That physical hard good product can be sold on,,, or any of the other Amazon websites . Lets say you are trying to sell wallets. Maybe you need to source those wallets or already manufacture those […]

Amazon FBA for beginners

Amazon FBA for beginners

In this post we are going to cover the basic first step that you need to know to start selling on Amazon. We will start from the very first step that creates your account, then going through the Amazon FBA process for sellers, how to to find product Amazon high demand products and low competition, […]

Amazon Selling Business Models and Bundling

Amazon selling business models

Where to start selling on Amazon in 2020? What Amazon Sales model should we choose to sell? Before we decide on a product we have to decide on our business model. There are different models to sell products on Amazon. Her are a few for you to refer to Reselling Retail Arbitrage Drop shipping Private […]

Barcodes for Amazon FBA

Barcodes for Amazon FBA

Barcodes for Amazon Barcodes on Amazon FBA  Barcodes seem to be one of the areas of confusion for beginners on Amazon. On this blog we will be talking about the mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to UPC, FNSKU. Although barcodes play a large role in daily lives, many people don’t know how they actually […]

Amazon Inserts and review building 2020

Amazon Reviews and Inserts 2020

Amazon Inserts and review building Inserts Marketing inserts into your products packaging should be utilized when launching your product and throughout the product review building process. It will cost you money but can be more effective in the long run than trying to give products away. So what are packaging inserts. An insert can come […]

Seller University, Buy Box and Product details Page

Seller University, Buy Box and Product details Page-

Seller University   Seller University will help you start selling your product on Amazon and Seller Central. You are going to need to read as much as you can and watch informative videos. It will help with Branding, Enhanced Brand Content, FBA and tutorials. The ease of use and structure is very helpful to sell […]

Seller Performance on Amazon Seller Central

Seller Performance on Amazon Seller Central-

Seller Performance The seller performance measurements, Sellers policy and Suspensions. Seller trust is very important to Amazon. Performance targets are one of the ways that Amazon conducts its performance trust. You must not sell false or fraudulent products. Warnings may be issued dependent on circumstance. Product quality and legitimacy Seller performance on Amazon must comply […]

Creating a gap in the market against competition on Amazon

Creating a gap in the market against competition on Amazon

How to differentiate the product on Amazon Building a gap against your competitors on Amazon You will need to start positioning yourself in a defensive position against competitors as you start to enhance your brand on the Amazon marketplace. A “moat” will protect your business against the competition. Also, it will create desirability for a […]

The 2020 guide to Amazon selling and Amazon Seller Central

Seller Central Setup Guide

Then click on start selling. The other way is to go to and scroll to the bottom. Then click on Sell on Amazon in the second column. That link will bring you back to the start selling link that I previously mentioned. We recommend the $39.99 a month plan. It will ask you to […]