6 week course outline 

1. Amazon Basics - (Week 1, Session 1)

We start the course with an overview of the product detail page. The product page is where a buyer finds a product on Amazon and a seller lists their product for sale.This area of the website has set areas such as titles, photos, descriptions with long-tail and short-tail keywords represented through descriptions categories and Niches.  There can be variations of the product as well as customer reviews.

We will briefly show you that there are different attributes affiliated with various categories. Major tools that we going to show you which ones work well for certain situations and not for others. Search results from Amazon’s Algorithm are different based on keyword, Categories, Conversion rate, Click through Rate (CTR), Best Seller Rank (BSR), Amazon Choice Badge, A9 Algorithm), Voice search, Keyword & Indexing, PPC, Variations , FBM  (Fulfillment by Merchant), FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), Individual  vs Professional Account, Buy Box-Prime Badge, Used Amazon warehouse, Private label product, trademark for you brand name, “Piggy Backing”, and Frequently bought together .

We will go through everything from an algorithm for ranking, sponsored products, Giveaway section , Description with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), Product Information, Amazon Standard Description Number (ASIM) and Weight.

We will look at different sections from product to product , Shop vs purchase vs view, Coupon page, Todays deals, Prime Day Deals, Lightning deals, Amazon Giveaway, YouTube, and Gleam.io

2. Business Tools Setup - (Week 1, Session 2)

In the second section we will touch on the Google Chrome Browser and the extensions that can be used with your Amazon business to save you time and be more productive.

 We will help you find the correct extensions and tools. We have tried them all. The tools will help in the following areas; follow Sessions and tabs, extensions Extension Manager, Top URL shortener, customize a link, Password generator saver, tracking emails, opens & clicks, monitoring competitors , calculator, jumping tabs, undoing closed tabs, clearing and cleaning cache cleaner, Bulk URL Opener, project management tools, black menu for Google, blocking Ads, sales rank, trends  of the product sales. We will show you which ones to use and which ones not to use.

3. Amazon Tools - ( Week 2, Session 1)

We are going to touch on external tools that are going to help you on this Amazon journey. We will cover topics like business accounting, advertising, PPC, optimizing, AdWords, analytics/ monitoring, giveaway services, managing feedback and reviews, monitor inventory, keyword research tools, product research & market analysis, retail arbitrage, drop shipping, affiliate marketing tools, data mining and scraping, grey hat and black hat tactics, deals website, selling price, FBA fees- Fulfillment by Amazon fees, inventory levels, EBC- Enhanced Brand Content, Listing Quality score, RPR, Monthly revenue per review, number of variations, giveaway services, feedback and review management, Inventory management keyword planners, trends, PPC campaign, email sequence tools and others.

There are a ton of applications out there that are going to help you but a lot will lead you in the wrong direction we will tell you which ones to use for various aspects of your Amazon journey.

4. Product Study & Market Analysis Part 1- (Week 2, Session 2)

We will go through the strategy, differentiation and getting your first product to succeed on Amazon.

We will guide you through the product analysis based on the numbers and analytics. We will work through what the competition is currently doing. We will look at product keyword assessment, how do we find a keyword based on the correct, product databases and amazon best sellers page. We will look at which sub category to choose. How many categories to attack. Creating a kit or bundle and we will touch on patents.

We then will begin to show you how to fill out our internal IP excel worksheet to find the right product to launch.

7. Break

Take a break and catch up on some work.